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In most states a vehicle title is required before a vehicle can change ownership or have license plates issued. When a vehicle has not been registered for several years and the title has been lost or destroyed this can be a MAJOR PROBLEM! That's where we can help!

We help our customers acquire vehicle titles for almost any vehicle built.

We are committed to serving our customers and their needs.
We are proud to support many car clubs and events. 

Your Responsibilities are to make sure that the vehicle is not currently titled in your state, stolen, or salvaged.

After five (5) years most titles are out of the system, but if you think your car is still in your state's computer, just contact your local "Department of Motor Vehicles" (DMV) and give them the Vehicle Identification Number from your vehicle. Then ask the status of the Title if any.

Please Note:
Motorcycles with Aftermarket Frames cannot be Titled. They must have original frame.

SORRY, We DO NOT Do Salvage Vehicles, Stolen Vehicles, Bikes, or Builder's Titles

Do YOU NEED OUR Service? If you have a vehicle without a Title, YES. If you are restoring a classic and cannot find a title, YES.

Who Uses Our Service? Beside the thousands of Hobbyists Auto Enthusiasts, Many Dealers, Collectors, and Restoration Shops use our service.

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